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TimberForm & PipeLine Outdoor Fitness Systems

Product Choices

We offer two forms of outdoor fitness equipment: Fitness Clusters and linear Fitness Routes. Each is available using either Douglas fir timber (TimberForm) or steel post (PipeLine) structural systems.

Fitness Clusters are four composite groups of exercise apparatus that may be installed at four separate locations or together within a single area usually as exercise quadrants. Instructional graphics are presented on four separate panels. An introduction sign and a heart rate chart complete the four-cluster group.  Single clusters can also be ordered separately. Group A is particularly useful as a warm-up station at the start of jogging trails and also for use at golf courses.

Fitness Routes are individual exercise stations and instructional graphics placed along a trail, path or track. Stations can be installed alone or sited together in groups. Fitness Routes can include up to 18 exercise stations. The sequence can be modified to address unique applications. Routes arranged using 15, 12 or even 9 stations have been used effectively. When the exercise sequence is modified, appropriate station identification numbers are applied to the graphic panels depicting the desired sequence. Fitness Route exercises can also be clustered selecting apparatus and signage from three or four different stations. In addition to exercise station signs for each event, a separate introduction sign is included with each complete 18-station route.


How to Specify

Fitness Clusters

The standard Fitness Cluster configuration contains four apparatus groups, each with its own instruction sign plus a single introduction sign and heart rate chart. Posts with directional arrows are optional.

The complete Fitness Cluster is designed to provide users with warm-up/cool-down activities, muscle strengthening equipment and cardiovascular conditioning events.

The four Fitness Clusters may be installed at a single compact site or at four different locations. Individual cluster groups may be specified and purchased separately as each includes its own instruction sign. Individual heart rate charts may also be purchased separately.

Fitness Clusters are available as TimberForm model numbers 5100-A,
-B, -C and -D or PipeLine model numbers 9700-A, -B, -C and -D.

Fitness Routes

A complete Fitness Route consists of 18 exercises, each with its own instruction sign, plus one route introduction sign and five directional posts. The purchaser specifies arrow direction for each post. Selected stations can be specified and purchased separately to provide specific warm-up/cool-down activities, muscle strengthening equipment or cardiovascular conditioning events. When the exercise sequence is altered, station sign numbering is likewise adjusted to reflect the desired sequence.

Fitness Route exercises are available as TimberForm model numbers 5101-5120 or PipeLine model numbers 9701-9720.


All metal components except porcelain enamel graphics are offered in ten standard ColorCardTM colors. Standard colors are black, brown, burgundy, Chrome Yellow, Coffee Tan, Evergreen, Ocean Teal, red, Regal Blue and white (see page 12). To view the complete selection of over 200 designer powder-coating colors for use on Signature Projects, ask your representative to show you the Columbia Cascade ColorBookTM.


PipeLine Fitness Bench Options

PipeLine Fitness Clusters and Routes are available with SofDek" perforated steel bench tops or with recycled plastic slats in lieu of standard timber slats.


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